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What is Mostro?
Mostro makes sure you're notified when something goes wrong on your infrastructure. All important metrics are monitored out of the box. Receive meaningful and easy-to-read alerts however you want: integrate with Pagerduty, Slack, Hipchat and SMS in one click.
What do I need to run Mostro?
The Mostro agent is built using common UNIX commands and doesn’t require root access. It is open source so you know exactly what is running on your servers. The script is lightweight and takes just seconds to setup.
Can I write my own checks?
You can easily write your own checks in any language you know best.
Who is behind Mostro?
Mostro is a team of 4, based in NYC. The two founders previously ran a successful web hosting business where server uptime was vital. We use this expertise to offer you the monitoring solution we wish we had.
More questions?
Feel free to contact us at support@mostro.com.
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