Fast & easy setup

Get Mostro deployed on your servers with a single command.

The agent consists of standalone, simple, open source shell scripts. No root privileges are needed.

Comes with expertise

Monitor hundreds of important, often overlooked indicators out of the box.

Reduce the noise caused by false alerts and receive useful information when it matters.

Spot bottlenecks and optimization opportunities

Simple yet flexible

One simple text based configuration file on your servers, easy to deploy across your infrastructure.

Write custom checks in any language you know best.


Automatically add and remove servers, with or without deployment tools.

Use tags to group servers together and apply different alerting rules.


Get notified by email, text, Pagerduty, Slack and HipChat.

We're all about support

We're here to help you make the most of Mostro and your infrastructure.

Need help deploying or writing a custom check? We'll work with you to make sure your servers are fully monitored.

  • Pay only for what you use, billed per hour
  • First 7,200 hours
    10 servers reporting for a month
    $0.0125 per server per hour
    Next 10,800 hours
    next 15 servers reporting for a month
    $0.01 per server per hour
    Over 18,000 hours
    over 25 servers reporting for a month
    $0.0075 per server per hour
  • Unlimited checks
  • Unlimited worldwide text alerts
  • 30-day free trial
    No credit card required
    No contract
  • Start your free trial

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